We are Sara + Evey; together we make nashpop.
We love thrifting, diy, home decor and color.
(There must always be color.)
about us

We areEvey + Sara; two friends who found themselves living in the same city again. Out of our sharedlove for thrifting, creative projects and the endless possibility of collaborationan idea was born. We decided to join forces and thrift unique +rejected housewares. You know, those cheesy cat ceramics and fugly picture frames. The misfits arehand-painted in fresh pop colors, and reborn as one of a kind home decor.

Sara is a girl of too many interests and not enough time. By day, she works as an 8th grade math teacher and also runs a small organic garden called Great Fox Farm. She plays mom to three awesome, quirky cats and volunteers with Nashville Cat Rescue in order to keep spreading the kitty love. She also sometimes competes in Muay Thai kickboxing and is currently 5-0 in the ring. She daydreams about vegan baking, tree houses, and road trips. Her favorite animals are wolves, rabbits, deer, owls, and foxes. The colors ultramarine blue, silver, and kelly green dominate her life.

Hey. My name is Veronica, but I go by evey. I am a mixed media artist, zinester, and serial entrepreneur. Originally from the NYC area, I recently moved to Nashville, and am in the process of learning to calm my manic city mouse tendencies. While I like to think thrift shopping is my profession, by day I co-own the creative solutions firm lilo + evey with my kick ass girlfriend. My favorite pop color is an epic tie between aqua and chartreuse. I’m addicted to street art, robots, owls, polka dots, tattoos, cut + paste, collecting records, mod furniture, diy everything, and the perfect brownie recipe. Some people look at the world and see junk in the randomness; I see possibility. Connect with evey here.